A Realtor.com listing is included with our Flat Fee MLS Plans

Realtor.com®, "Where the world shops for real estate online"

Standard Realtor.com Listing
  • You receive this benefit free when you list your property in the MLS.
  • NOTE!
  • Realtor.com standard listings do not populate a property description from the MLS. (Only Showcase ads display a description-see below)
  • Because of the MLS/Realtor.com rules, your personal contact info cannot be displayed.     »more on this topic
  • Only displays four pictures
Sample of the standard Realtor.com listing:
Realtor.com listing

We Recommend

Realtor.com "SHOWCASE" Listing
  • 25 PHOTOS*
  • 2,400 character description
  • Ability to schedule Open Houses
  • Special Message Box
  • Customizable headline appearing on top banner of listing
  • Attention-getting yellow banner designating listing as “SHOWCASE”
  • Direct link to your property page on our website for buyers to see your contact info »more
  • FREE listing on worldproperties.com (international real estate website)
Realtor.com Showcase If you purchase a Virtual Tour, it will be linked from your Realtor.com listing with the designated “Featured Tour” red spinning house.
Not Available at checkout Not Available
*Buyers say photos are one of the most important features when searching online!
-2004 National Association of Realtors® Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers

Included Free with Altru®

Sample of a SHOWCASE Realtor.com listing:
Realtor.com listing with SHOWCASE added

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