Listing your Property for Rent on the MLS

Will ADDvantage list my rental?

Yes…If I just want to list my property for lease/rent, what will it cost me? ADDVANTAGE charges a flat fee of $199 for rental MLS listings through our Rental MLS program. You select the amount of commission to offer an agent/Realtor® that procures or refers a qualified renter. You can offer between $100-$1,500 (sign-up)

If I have a property that I want to list for sale as well as list it for rent/lease, how much will it cost?

ADDVANTAGE charges an additional $199 once you have listed your property for sale. The system will ask you if you wish to list it for rent. Because the system already knows who you are, it will charge you just $199. If you have already listed your property for sale and wish to add it for rent at a later date, go to Manage My Listings and find the link that says Add for Rent.