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What exactly is the MLS?

The Multiple Listing Service, or "MLS" is thought by many to be one large system that contains all homes listed in the US. This is not the case... They actually exist on a local level and there are thousands across the country. There are dozens of MLS database in Florida alone. Every MLS database contains listings of area-specific Realtors and those real estate agents pay a fee for the access. Membership to a specific Multiple List database grants agents the ability to search for MLS listings themselves as well as post their own property listings for sale. Because agents can use historical data tools to retrieve "Past Sold" amounts, they can perform CMAs (Comparative Market Analysis) from this information as well. Most Realtors belong to one or two MLS systems or Realtor Associations since it would be cost-prohibitive for most to pay dues beyond htat since the fees are rather hefty. Real Estate Agents tend to "farm" an area that they can focus on gaining expert knowledge in. Therefore, an agent in New York cannot see homes for sale in Florida and an agent in Colorado cannot see listings in North Carolina. Hence why it is critical to be listed in the correct MLS system for your city and county. guarantees to enter your listing in the correct local MLS for your property's location. Though there can be overlap in certain regions, if you are not in the right Multiple Listing you won't get the proper exposure. Your listing may not be viewable by local Realtors who are searching for their buyers if your listing is outside of the MLS they belong to. (see our MLS board coverage)

How Flat Fee Listing & MLS commissions work

FSBOs can save almost 6% for an up front fee. When you pay a flat rate to list your property, you are, in essence, eliminating the listing side of the commission. Rather than paying a traditional agent 6% that gets divided between the selling and listing agent, the listing agent side get subsituted with a small flat dollar amount. And since YOU decide the commission amount to offer in the MLS to the selling agents (otherwise known as buyer's agents), you have total control over how much you spend. Out serllrs offer 1.5%, 2%, 2.5%, 3% commissions, and sometimes even 4%, depending on how much incentive they want to offer the Realtors to bring a buyer.

The best advantage to keep in mind is that unlike traditional agent services, with flat fee listing, if you find an unrepresented buyer (buer who does not have an agent helping them) you pay no closing commission at all!

Get the same exposure by listing flat fee as you would listing with a traditional agent

A common fear people have about the flat fee listing model is that somehow a full service agent will bring them more exposure or more buyer prospects and that by listing with a flat rate broker, they will lose out on buyer leads. This is the story full service agents tell you to get your listing! The truth is that no matter what type of property you have, when you are listed by us, your property will enjoy the exact same exposure as it would with a traditional agent. This is because all MLS systems have a built-in feature that allows users to automatically populate listings out to 3rd party sites such as Zillow, Trulia, and 100's more by owner sites. We have been listing homes, condos and vacant land since 2005 and actually promot your lsiting better than most others because we hold additional memberships to sites like and through our technology and resources, we also market your property via social media channels.

How your home gets listed on Stellar MLS

The only way to have access to an acual Multiple Listing Service is to be a Realtor. When you search the internet and look at the MLS listings, you are actually viewing an abbreviated view of this data that has been allowed to be displayed from the actual MLS database for public use. You will not see internal data that only the agents see, such as commission amounts. Our approved real estate broker for your area is a Realtor member of the MLS. When listing with a flat fee program, you are doing so as a "self-represented seller" and our designated broker acts on your behalf in the capacity of what's called a "non-rep" agent. Your flat fee MLS lsiting agreement will clearly state the responsibilities of both you and the broker who is listing your property in the MLS.

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For Sale By Owner Listing - Get your listing exposure but without going into the MLS. We have two FSBO programs to accommodate you.

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