ADDvantage Live Agent Support from 9am to 6pm for our flat fee MLS sellers

We at ADDvantage are committed to you and the success of your flat fee MLS listing. The way we do this is by providing a level of service unheard of in this industry. We actually answer every call LIVE-from Mon-Thu 9AM-7PM, Fri 9AM-5:30PM, Sat 9AM-5PM, Sun 9AM-4PM. We don't miss buyer calls or forget to respond to email inquiries about your property. All Realtors® are assisted in real time with showing instructions, even if they call Saturday morning at 9:30am. A frequently asked question is: “Will my number be published in the MLS? If so, then why do you need to answer the phone?” Truth: Even though we list seller contact information in the MLS, a large number of agents automatically call our office first because they fail to look at the agent remarks where it states “call seller directly”. Also, in, your number can't be shown because it is against the rules.

Getting flat fee listed in the MLS with just any x-y-z company is not the same as getting ADDvantage on your side. We truly can make a difference in your success. An erroneous but common belief is that if you get listed in the MLS cheaply, that you've got it made. The truth: If you choose a flat fee MLS listing company that doesn't answer their phone and doesn't value your leads as much as you do, you will lose buyer leads and Realtor® showings and you will be frustrated when you need to edit your flat fee listing. This will never happen at ADDvantage, guaranteed. Even full service real estate companies don't go as far as we do with service! We are a company that lives up to our slogan, “Real Estate By Your Rules!®