Our Flat Fee Service   vs.   Traditional Real Estate…

Traditional real estate fees break down like this in a typical scenario:

Realtor® charges 6% commission to list your property.

Usually this means: 3% goes to listing agent and 3% goes to the buyer's agent. (The listing agent offers ½ of their commission in the MLS to another agent to bring a buyer.) Most sales happen like this.

Rarely this could occur: listing agent also sells the property to their own buyer. Then 6% goes to the listing agent.

ADDvantage fees break down like this:

ADDvantage charges NO LISTING COMMISSION, but rather, a flat fee…One of 3 plans: (Program not currently available), (Program not currently available) or (Program not currently available).

YOU DECIDE how much commission to offer to a buyer's agent in the MLS. (1% to 10%…people usually offer between 3% and 6%)

Two Possible scenarios can occur…

1) Your property is sold by a Realtor® through the MLS and you pay only the commission you've offered in the MLS. (We get no commission; just the flat fee you paid when you signed up.)

2) You sell your property to an unrepresented buyer (with no Realtor) that you got as a lead from one of our marketing avenues such as Homes.com, Realtor.com or our website AND PAY NO COMMISSION AT ALL!

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