Upgrade to Pro ADDvantage by Sat, October 11, 2014 and the upgrade fee is deferred till closing!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014, 7:54PM

By: Keith Gordon

Upgrade to Pro ADDvantage by Sat, October 11, 2014 and the upgrade fee is deferred till closing!


Our Pro plan is your best way to sell faster and for more money because your current broker, Keith Gordon, then becomes your active representative and negotiator. He communicates with buyers’ agents better than you can do for yourself.  Through Oct 11th, we are offering something we’ve never offered before: you can Upgrade now to PRO using coupon code: OCT14PRO(and the normal fee to upgrade will be deferred until your closing). 


 “There is always a right thing to say or not say when talking with a buyer’s agent. That’s why Pro sellers sell faster and I believe for more money per square foot.  Many times one of my Pro sales has broken the neighborhood price per square foot sales record,” Keith Says (our testimonials from Pro sellers back this up). 


“Agents call me all day long asking for guidance when making offers. That is where I can embrace them with my pre-negotiating “tough-love” conversation which sets frame work of being more realistic with their buyer’s initial offer. I believe I positively affect that initial offer, bringing it in higher. A seller representing themselves can’t affect the same result.”


Selling a home is complicated. Many times buyers are seeking closing cost assistance and presenting offers above where homes will appraise, creating an appraisal short-fall risk, especially with the new tough Dodd Frank 2010 Consumer Protection laws.


Keith says, “I have successfully closed 4 large appraisal shortfall transactions in the past 5 months ($105K, 75K, 45K and 30K over appraisal) at full-contract price with no buyer concessions. When I realize a seller has that type of risk, I approach the buyer’s agent up front. Most agents are surprised that I am even speaking of the ‘elephant in the room.’ But, as a result of my forward thinking approach, I get an agreement up front with the buyer or better terms for my sellers because I anticipate events and don’t wait on problems and then react.”


Many times a seller wants to counter an offer by meeting in the middle. But Keith disagrees:

“Meeting in the middle is dangerous. If you counter with that thinking, the buyer can then say no and force better terms because they may not be ready to make that ‘meet in the middle’ move. As well, if a seller counters in writing, then the buyer’s agent (and buyer) gain an advantage and the seller loses control. It is far better to have the buyer make the move first, then sign off if they do what you ask of them to do. Even better yet, it’s better to ask or allow the buyer’s agents to figure out how best to move their buyer to your seller’s target. This empowers the buyer’s agent in a good way. Additionally, if the seller refrains from giving the buyer’s agent counters in writing, this allows for the opportunity for another offer to be negotiated that suddenly appears and may be better… this keeps options open since there is nothing looming out there in writing.”


Keith is more than a Pro negotiator. He studies the market, is licensed in Colorado and Florida and soon California. Keith is a 28 year Florida broker without a single ethics violation or infraction. Keith and his Pro team of Joanie, Justin, Don and Kaela handle every aspect of your sale.  Get Keith working for you to navigate the complexities of a real estate transaction, including


Keith’s approach to selling is best said by him…


“I don’t leave money behind. I pride myself on pushing the envelope of value, getting the list price correct, analyzing your showings and offers and how interest and action equates to value. I pick up an extra $3-30k on sales because I know how. My Pro fee is just .75% at close ($1500 min) which is 75% less than a traditional agent and I believe my skills are far advanced as compared with your “neighborhood agent” because I transact hundreds deals a year and just like conditioned athletes have more endurance and accuracy, I, too, am more skilled (trained to deal with situations) on how best to move “offers” to your mark. The average agent only sees 10 deals a year. I battle agents and fight for sellers on a daily basis as a living and I do it well.”


Upgrade now to PRO using coupon code: OCT14PRO


Statistics on Pro sellers v sellers not using Pro



Pro closing underway now …………………..…  31

Pro properties pended past 20 days…. ………  20

Non-pro properties pended on same period…… 10

Total pro properties currently listed……………   141

Total self-rep sellers currently listed …………… 271


% of Pro listing under contract                            22%

% of self-rep sellers under contract …………….   15%