Flat Fee MLS is the way to sell a home in Florida

Friday, October 7, 2011, 2:48PM

By: Keith Gordon

GetMoreOffers.com brings the best flat fee MLS plans to Florida home owners with savings anywhere from 50% in real estate commissions to paying no commissions at all if sold by owner.

Discount MLS listing with GetMoreOffers.com is not stepping down but rather stepping up customer support and Internet marketing. We discount MLS listings deeply and step up our customer service by offering our Florida Flat Fee MLS clients 9:00am to 6:00pm 7 days a week phone support.

Listing in the MLS flat fee does direct all calls to the seller but with the MLS rules, our phone number must be published as well. Many agents in Florida miss the notes in the MLS asking them to "call seller directly for all showings and appointments" but when they do call our office we stand ready to assist. My professional staff promptly assists the caller with the seller's contact information and then emails the seller the agent's or buyer's information.

Flat Fee MLS is popular in Florida because it allows the seller to control everything about their MLS listing on the fly with our super easy to use seller control panel. We are Internet Flat Fee MLS marketing company making your MLS listing stand out on sites such as Realtor.com, GetMoreOffers.com, Zillow, Trulia and hundreds more real estate websites.

When it comes to getting good advice on pricing your home and negotiating contracts, many flat fee MLS clients use Professional ADDvantage™. This discount full-service MLS listing plan has all the benefits of a full-service listing but without the 6 month listing commitment or the 6% price tag. Sellers save 45% in commissions when using our premier flat fee MLS plan Professional ADDvantage™.

As broker for ADDvantage with over 27 years as a real estate broker, I have come to specialize in getting the most out of a deal. I have impressive negotiating skills that work well to get you the most for your Florida home. I find negotiating a deal the best part of my day. I love my work and my flat fee MLS reviews support my efforts.

The art of negotiating is a combination of patience and knowledge. Getting the right buyer is the key to getting the right sales price. To get the right buyer, you need the right listing price. My how to price a home video explains in detail how I recommend pricing a home. Having the right price allows me time to find the best buyer. Knowing when to lower a price is also the key to maximizing the sale. With a Professional ADDvantage™ flat fee MLS listing, I know every offer and the buyer lead flow. I will often delay or not lower a listed price in the MLS because I feel I have a buyer or buyers out there still trying to buy. If are priced right, a mere drop in price is negotiating without a buyer. It's like giving money away.

My approach to selling a home in Florida is rather simple. I know my seller, I know the market, I see the showing lead flow and ultimately I track my offers. In the end, I know what we can and cannot do. This confidence in pricing and negotiating is why you should consider listing your Florida home using the Professional ADDvantage™ list to you sell flat fee MLS plan. There are no cancellation fees and we never stop working for you.