About ADDvantage® Real Estate Network

The ADDvantage® Real Estate Network (GetMoreOffers.com) is a product of many years of working in the real estate industry and anticipating the demand by the public for alternative options for listing and selling property. As we developed software to manage our Florida brokerage’s listings, we realized that software could play a huge role in giving home sellers the ability to control their own real estate transactions. Through this software development, we were able to provide discount listing services that could be managed by us effectively.

We provide a critical need for tailor-made MLS flat fee based real estate services that are technology based, straightforward, fairly priced, effective, and individualized. No home seller is the same and all have different needs. In this tough market, property sellers need options that will help them save money. We saw the need for a menu of services that would cater to all individuals and their individual needs. Hence, The ADDvantage® Real Estate Network and GetMoreOffers.com was born. Our clients are for sale by owners, builders, developers, commercial property owners, asset managers, and even Realtors who wish to list a home in the MLS for a flat fee.

The Association of Realtors'® mainstay pitch is “real estate is a local business”. We agree and local Realtors® make up our Nationwide Network.

When speaking with the public, we have learned that many home sellers have a great deal of apprehension and skepticism about Realtors in general. Except when they knew an agent personally, clients felt distrust about whether the agent was putting their best interest first above the agent's commission. We wanted to eliminate that doubt, by providing discount MLS listing options that are standardized. We have done this by offering listing management software that gives sellers 100% control over their listings but at the same time giving brokers and agents the tools to efficiently maintain their listings. Our MLS listing and management software saves the broker resources and time. As a result, savings are passed onto the property sellers as reduced real estate commissions.

We created an MLS listing platform for by owner MLS sellers, brokers, agents, and asset managers which enables users to receive offers, make listing edits, and flag issues, while being attended to by their listing agents with proficiency and professionalism. With every challenge, our listing platform has a solution. We spent 6 years developing the software that runs the GetMoreOffers.com platform.

An ADDvantage Network flat fee listing puts the seller in control of all aspects of the listing process. Whether a seller needs to change marketing programs, price, commissions, photos, or property descriptions, this can all done with ease right from the Internet.